LynnB’s Beauty Tips, Alternate title: Products my face can’t live without

Follow these suggestions and you’ll look just like me! Uh, yeah. Whatever. Most of these tips are androgynous, but #’s 2 and 7 are more female-focused.

1) Carmex! This is wonderful, wonderful lip protector stuff. A former beau turned me on to it. I always put it on before I go running in cold weather — it is the only product that has kept my lips from cracking (yummy).

Carmex is cheap! For $1.19 you get a 1/4 oz. vat, which doesn’t sound like much but it lasts forever.

Incidentally, the third “active ingredient” listed on the side of the Carmex cap is alum, which is the product that made the opera singer’s voice all high and squeaky in that Bugs Bunny cartoon. So be careful and for goodness sake, don’t swallow the stuff!

Bonus tip: To make your lipstick last all day long, apply Carmex to your bare lips, then use your lip liner to color in your lips, then apply lipstick over that. Your lipstick will last longer without drying out.

2) Eyelash curler! This product is poked fun at on every TV sitcom featuring clueless men in America. They pick it up and squeeze the handles together, wondering what it is. Well, let the mystery end: It’s an eyelash curler. Just open the handles, put your eyelashes in the slit and squeeze the handles together. Release the handles and viola!, curled eyelashes.

CAVEAT: Be careful when inserting eyelashes that you don’t also insert your eyelid. Ouch! Also, if you wear mascara, be sure to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.

3) Nivea No-Oil Moisture Hydrogel! Wonderful moisturizer that doesn’t make one’s face break out. Highly recommended. It’s kind of pricey (around eight dollars), but you can find it in grocery stores so you don’t have to dress up and go to Nordstrom or anything like that.

4) Tom’s of Maine Spearmint toothpaste! I have a friend who swears by the cinnamon flavor, but I’ve found that is too spicy for me (and my tender girl gums) so I stick to the Spearmint or Wintergreen flavors. Also, be sure to change your toothbrush every three months, and always buy a new one after you’ve been ill.

5) Lots of water. Hydration is good for the soul. Plus, the more water you drink, the more breaks you can take at work. 🙂

6) Kisses! Kisses! And more kisses! Puffy lips are in!

7) MAC nail polish! I especially like “Alumina” and “Blade”. Don’t forget your toenails, too!

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