I have succumbed.

These are my first ever words entered into a computer purchased by me, moi, myself.

I feel so grown up!

When I first started my Silicon Valley career, I resisted the whole computer-at-home thing. I knew that once I got a home computer, I’d be doing technical support all day, every day.

I think I’ll just use it for writing and e-mail and USENET. It’s been mentioned to me by higher-ups that one-third of the incoming Internet traffic at my present company goes to my computer. It’s also been mentioned that I might want to cut down on that a bit (I swear, 90% is for research. Honest! Infoseek loves me, and I love Infoseek. Plus, I have pen pals to keep up with.).

So, once I got my domain-name settlement (they reimbursed me for the time it would take for me to re-do the graphics on my Web page) I sought out my coveted steed: Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300c. I mentioned to Dragon that he would do well to send any sale listings my way. He had a phone number and full pricing for me within 20 minutes.

The Duo 2300c is now discontinued. I don’t understand why… it’s truly adorable. I bought a 32 MB RAM simm for it, to add to the 8 MB simm already on the board. So now I’m screaming along at 40 MB. I told Brandon that tonight and he said “Wow! That’s fast!” He’s a difficult one to impress so I’m rather tickled.

Of course, it didn’t come with *any* modem software, so I couldn’t get the modem to dial out so I could FTP my Internet tools. Sigh.

But, I got Word on it, and I even named it today.

What did I name it?

Why, “woohoo”, of course!

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