The cat is still missing. I’m thinking that she wandered off and someone adopted her. The alternatives are too painful to even consider. As a result, I didn’t sleep too much last week.

I’m haunting the Humane Societies and Sabrina helped me put up some “lost cat” posters. She even charmed the manager of Safeway into allowing her to post one near the supermarket entrance. She’s French, so her charm is genetic.

Mike sent me an e-mail for an OJ update. The subject line was “Meow”. It made me cry. Then, last week, he drove to San Carlos to see if maybe she’d returned to my old apartment.

Could I even *ask* for a better ex-boyfriend?


One fish did end up surviving the mass suicide. He’s in negotiations with 20/20 to tell his story. I keep waiting for him to post a “Fish Gate” web site.


Work is going pretty well. cyberPAGE is an incredible product and blows doors off the competition. It’s a lot of fun to market because it’s so truly great. So buy it! I have a performance review coming up. 🙂


Dragon got a new Newton — I think it was a birthday present to himself. It’s enormous. I took him to Barley and Hopps for his birthday and as we walked towards the restaurant he tried to put the Newton in his back pocket. I laughed at him. He insisted it would fit. I insisted it would make him look like he had a square, flat ass. He took it out of his pocket.


I was driving down 101 on my way to meet a new net.friend when I realized that the car broken down on the side of the highway belonged to my buddy Mike (not the ex-boyfriend, though that’s how I met him). I got off at Shoreline and got back on the freeway at Middlefield, but that was too far so I had to get back on 101 (going north this time), got off at Rengstorff, got back on and stopped 25 yards behind Mike.

His sidewall was ruined. He’d passed a wreck in Menlo Park and figured that he ran over some of the debris. He had his tools with him and had taken off the ruined tire when his jack broke. I let him use my cell phone. He gave me a smoke, told me to apologize to the person I was meeting, and we caught up a bit while he was on hold with AAA roadside assistance.


Michelle looked at me yesterday. “Are you making that noise or is it a Web page you’re on?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, so I blamed the noise on my computer.

She called me on it again today. Apparently, I make this clicking noise by snapping my tongue against the roof of my mouth. Apparently, I do this every half hour. Apparently, it’s a totally unconscious movement on my part.

I told her to call me on it whenever she notices me doing it.

Sadly, that’s not the most annoying thing I do without realizing it. Occasionally, when I’m on stage acting in a play, I’ll mouth all the other actors’ lines.

Really! Co-actors have hit me backstage for it.


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