You go, girl

I called Kevin (actually, his answering machine) on Friday night and announced “Kevin, you’re dating a jock.”

It was with very good reason. A month or two ago I decided that I needed to do a triathlon. I was biking a lot at the time because I’d rear-ended someone and my truck was at the body shop for a month. CSAA (my insurance) will pay $15.00 of one’s rental car fee for 10 days, so rather than incur expense I traveled via bicycle.

It wasn’t too bad. I’m a recreational runner (actually ran competitively for Sun Microsystems until the team disbanded) and my bike is pretty cool. Plus, I live 1.1 miles from my job and probably five miles from church, and since lately those were the only places I needed to go on a regular basis, not having a car ended up being only a bit inconvenient rather than a huge tragedy.

Whenever I really needed to go somewhere (like to the Shane Co. to pick up my mom’s Mother’s Day gift) John drove me. Kevin saw a lot of Redwood City — he’d drive down for dates rather than me going to SF. He also saw the Lucky store in San Carlos and the Hollywood Video next door. 🙂

So between running and biking I figured I was up for a 400 meter swim/11 mile bike/3 mile run extravaganza. My buddy Chris took me to his pool and paced me through a 700 meter workout that was tiring yet strangely exhilarating.

I ended up joining the pool last Friday, and put my body through a ohmigawd-am-I-really-ready-for-this, pre-triathlon workout. Swam 500 meters, biked about 10 miles and ran 3.5 miles.

And *damn*, it felt incredible. I finished in less than two hours, had a blast, and was even able to sprint the final block.

When I was running a lot, Mike would call me his “bionic girlfriend.” I’m not quite there yet now, but I’ll finish this triathlon and maybe even *compete* in another one!

To keep myself motivated (and accountable), I’ll post a training log.

Hell, I’m not having sex, so I’ve got to do something to get my heart pounding and my body sweaty!

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