March forth, indeed

I'm somewhere over Lake Erie, an hour away from Hartford, 75 minutes from telling Brian that he's going to be a daddy. Whew.

I think if I had to learn of my pregnancy anywhere outside of Northampton, it's good that I was at Anne's, for many reasons. One, she had Duncan three months ago today, so whe's a vast wealth of information. Two, she loaned me her pregnancy books. Three, she gifted me with new, bigger, clothes. I told Brian about that on the phone last night.

“Anne bought me new clothes!”

“Tell her she shouldn't do that,” he said. “She has a new baby.”

“True dat, but she told me it made her happy, and by God, if buying me new clothes makes Anne happy, I'm not going to stand in her way.”

Plus, with the amount I've been eating, by next Monday I'll have outgrown everything in my closet. Food cravings so far have included pineapple, avocados, and Mexican food — though the last probably stems from the fact that in Massachusetts there is no Mexican food, so I'm getting it while it's hot (and spicy, as it were).

Oh God, please help the pilot land safely so I can share the big news with My Darling Husband. Our one-year wedding anniversary is next week; too bad the gift designation is paper, and not pee stick or dead rabbit.

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