Read “Here we Go” first!

Here We Go is the first part, so read it first. There you go!

3 thoughts on “Read “Here we Go” first!

  1. I'm just glad you've returned your bloggy presence to new climes. Especially since you started all the rest of us — Bri, Jason, and I at least — on this particular weekly publishing thang.
    Still think you should guest write Bri's blog while he's off roadtrippin.

  2. I finally logged onto the blog and enjoyed reading it. Just back from San Jose. Saw Babies Saxton and Brosamer, everyone healthy and well. Motherhood is hard work, Johnson's. So is is fatherhood for that matter. Start prepping mentally!!–anne

  3. Very well written Lynn, still can't believ you and Brian are going to be parents, what a lucky child that will be.
    John P

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