a day off

First day off in a week today. DH and I celebrated by going to see Batman Begins, which was FABULOUS and inspired a glee reaction in me the likes of which I haven't experienced since my wedding day. In other news, I've decided to stop bitching about work on my blog. DH asked why, and I replied, “Because it's like kissing a pig.” He cocked his head at me, and I explained, “it doesn't accomplish anything, it's not that fun to begin with, and besides, it annoys the pig.” He told me he loves my barnyard metaphors. Funny, but that's the only one I think I have. 🙂

4 thoughts on “a day off

  1. Wasn't Christian Bale just so luscious as Batman? LOVE HIM. I even loved him as a serial killer in American Psycho.

  2. CB is the primary reason I'd see it again. Can't think of any other movies I've seen him in, though… (pause to search imdb.com) OH! He was Laurie in the Winona Ryder “Oh Jo, your one beauty” Little Women remake. Yum…

  3. I'm a bad person, then. DH has us on an art film kick. As soon as I smuggle “The Pacifier” into the house, watch it, and smuggle it out again, I'll pick up Newsies. Wuxtry, wuxtry!

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