So it's Thursday, another day off, didn't do any writing on Liz Estrada, my musical, but tomorrow! For certain! And work on Friday night and Saturday night and Sunday night. We're doing Show Tune Sunday again on Sunday night and it is going to be a bright spot of my week. I need to learn a song from “Avenue Q,” and “State Fair,” and I need to learn a couple more lines from “Springtime for Hitler.”

You know, how sometimes you think your life is a drag and then you read something like this?

Exactly. Thanks Becky for posting the link. And I loooooove your new photo on your blog. Looks like you've been adorable from day one.

Oh, and I got new books from Katie yesterday, who was going to take them to the book pound. I rescued “The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency,” “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” and “The Partly Cloudy Patriot.” The detective book was as fluffy as Katie had promised. I'm looking forward to “Tehran,” especially because once we conjoined our libraries, Brian and I learned that between us, we had three copies of “Lolita.” I saw Sarah Vowell, author of “Patriot” speak at SJSU, and she's hilarious. I think she was also the voice of the daughter in “The Incredibles.”

Did I mention that another reason why I'm not bitching about work anymore is that I'm 99% certain that lucsious works for me? And no, honey, you can't be my daddy. Already have one.

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