musical progress

You will be happy and excited to hear that in my inability to do an actual real job, I've been writing. The good news is, I've written the lyrics for all but one song for Act One. Bad news is, there's like eight songs in Act Two I have yet to begin. Oh, and I've got complete melody lines for the show opener and the “Mayoral Moritat.” So, like, yay.

One thought on “musical progress

  1. WONDERFULL!! How just luverly, yup, yup, yup. I think you are in excellent company. There is quite a difference between those few lucky bastards who somehow can make a living selling out and actually writing profitable works at the exact moment the public wants to indulge in said works, and the rest of us actual “working writers.” Look at all the composers of musical and literary works who find the 9-5 just drains any impulse to be creative. I know there are tons of thems that wrote/write in the wee early hours of the morn before dawn, then went off to some unglamourous job at the Post Office, and came home to raise a phenomenal family — but there are far more who need that kind of job that lets you have a three month vacation every summer to pound out the brilliance we are too busy watching “Coupling” in what little stuperous “free time” we have away from our JOB during the rest of the year. Hence the number of teachers who are writers.
    Hint. Hint.

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