Baby Update

Got an e-mail from dear friend Steve, all the way in Washington state for his eldest son's wedding. Steve's such a good guy that even though he's all wrapped up in family, he still sent me an e-mail asking, “you haven't blogged about your pregnancy lately — how's that going?”

Good news is, it's going great. Baby is pretty active whenever I lie down or wake up — the other night it felt like he was building a workbench in there, or maybe cobbling some shoes.

I have my final midwife appointment with my current midwife on Tuesday: a standard test for gestational diabetes. I'm having to change midwifery groups due to the change in my insurance. I'd be freaking out more, had my best friend not changed primary providers in her sixth month. So thanks, Anne! I've got an appointment with another midwifery group in mid-August, and a woman who goes to our church (we found a church! yay!) goes to this “new” group and likes them, so that helps.

The other good news is, we've named him. The name is in line with Brian's “world-leader” and my “literary/author” name preferences, and our family is really excited about it. I'd unveil it here, but names are VERY powerful, and I wish to keep it off the public record. If you want to know, send me an e-mail.

Or call me! I'm home a lot these days.

2 thoughts on “Baby Update

  1. Your name secret is safe! I am glad to hear you are doing well and to hear the baby news. When can we expect photos?

  2. I love the “world leader/literary figure” naming strategy. I feel as if my friends are grooming their child for philosopher-king greatness. And I'm sure that little Robespierre Mary Higgins Clark Johnson will step into both respective roles early. I can already picture him knocking over another child's tower of letter-blocks and rearranging them into a sonnet.

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