A Proof

I always hated math. And then I learned geometry. And finally, there was a segment of the mathematical world that I loved. Proofs! Ways to prove yourself in math using WORDS! I was hooked. It's been a while since I practiced it, though. Let's try one now:

Proof that George W. Bush hates Poor Southern Black People who didn't Vote for Him

Kind of makes you wonder what he'd do if the hurricane hit in, say, Ohio, home of the white people who voted for him.

Or Crawford.

Or Saudi Arabia…

3 thoughts on “A Proof

  1. Honestly, I don't know that it would have made that much difference if the hurricane had hit somewhere else. I think a lot of this is pure incompetence, and had it been TX instead of LA, there would STILL be ineptitude of unprecedented proportions.
    So this is how well we can handle a disaster, huh? Homeland security doing its job. Great. We are so screwed.

  2. Yeah, the good news is, a bunch of airlines are banding together to help evacuate New Orleans. The bad news is, all the refugees are going to have to go through TSA first.
    God help them…

  3. The whole situation is so sad. Even some of the media are showing pictures of so called black looters with groceries stolen from shops, and white people with groceries found in shops…..talk about duality.
    Bush is really looking bad on this one, espscially form the view from outside of America.
    Just hope real help gets there soon.

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