41 weeks and one day

Or, as Christina calls it, 40 weeks and 8 days. No baby yet. Lots of phone calls, though, asking if there's a baby yet. There's not.

Tomorrow we go in for ultrasound, to make sure that everything continues to function as it should. Brian and I are upping the ante as far as doing things to bring the baby about (or aboot, for my Canadian friends :). In the meanwhile, the cats are sticking to me like furry Velcro ™. I'm wondering if they know something I don't.

One thought on “41 weeks and one day

  1. Am sure all is well and there is nothing to worry aboot. Nar da less, make sure they do a soundcheck as well. They may find a Tang or Jazlike recording repeating over and over “This is not the right way to the birth canal, this is not the right way. Go back!! Go baaaaacccckkkk!”

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