Calming Down

Well, I'm pretty much beyond the freak-out point to acceptance. Today's Wednesday; if there's no action by Sunday night they're gonna induce, which I really don't want to happen, but in the meanwhile, I've still got five days and one more midwife appointment to spur things along. Plenty of time. My friend Karen was 11 days late, which is where I'm at as of today, so stranger things have happened! Your good thoughts that the full moon works its gravitational pull on moi would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, Myblogsite is going away, so it looks like I need some warmer bloggy pastures. Back to Blogger? I guess, unless anyone else has a recommendation…

One thought on “Calming Down

  1. I've just opened a new blog with Blogger……that's what most people recommended me. Bit of a bummer transferring all my old post….it takes ages!
    Didn't realise you were pregnant. Hope all goes well and that it happens soon!
    New Greenhaddock site

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