Better Tonight

OK, so my early morning freak-out was mostly unjustified, and we're doing fine, and the winter has been mild and we're hoping it will continue to be, and we even ate sushi tonight. So I can take a deep breath and, with any luck, sleep through the night. Thanks Joan for your kind words, and Julie who sent me an e-mail link to a survey firm that's paying five bucks per completed survey. I have the best friends in the world. Too bad you're all on the other side of the country.

4 thoughts on “Better Tonight

  1. I'm glad you're doing okay, too, Lynn! It's strange how awful those early morning worry sessions can be. I often tell Mr. Strega that my mind is a place I don't want to go into at three a.m. (to quote our dear friend Anne Lamott).–love, Joan

  2. Better needing dinero than health. You can make one multiple ways. Sell Warhammer figures for one. You can't buy the other. Trust me.

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