Yesterday was my second wedding anniversary with Monstro. It will probably be remembered as “remember the wedding anniversary when you nearly burnt down the house cooking Steak Diane?” But that's OK — marriage is all about being able to fondly reminisce about your own screw-ups. And anyway, the house didn't burn down, and it gave us a moment to remember the time that Dusty and Becca nearly burnt down our Chico apartment when they put fireworks on Drivler's birthday cake. This is how Monstro sang Happy Birthday to Drivler that year:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Drivler,
Now take that outside.

… which they did, with not so much as a scorch mark on the ceiling to commemorate the event. Very impressive. And that cake tasted almost as good as the Steak Diane I cooked last night. There's just something about flambe that makes food taste that much better. Maybe it has something to do with the engendered adrenalin. I don't know.

For those keeping track, here was last night's menu:

Appetizer: Smoked oysters on baguette slices

Main Course: Steak Diane

Sweet Potatoes Anna (my own creation)

Tomatoes Vinagarette on Boston lettuce

Dessert: Strawberry Souffle

3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Very best wishes on this year's Anna-versary celebrations. Really missing all five of you and wish I could be there or yall could be here. Still haven't figured out how to invent a matter transmitter though. Maybe the two master chefs could figure out how to cook one out of resin.

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