“Next Blog,” PLEASE

I don't blog on Blogger anymore but the majority of my friends do, so I find myself on blogspot.com rather freqently. One of the best features of Blogger is the “Next Blog” button. Nobody you know posted anything recently? Hit “Next Blog” and let the wonder begin! I've found some great blogs via this method — my favorite is Kika Sailing, wherein a couple is documenting their efforts in sailing the intrepid Kika around the world — and even if the Next Blog is boring, you can push “Next Blog” again and end up somewhere entirely different.

Unfortunately, this “entirely different” strategy can massively backfire. I ended up on sptrans(dot)blogspot(dot)com and not only was I treated to a foreign blog with pictures of people who had real fake breasts and real real penises, but the designer of said site had figured out how to eradicate the “Next Blog” button, so there was nowhere to go but Back. And now I want to wash out my eyes with soap!!!

One thought on ““Next Blog,” PLEASE

  1. I like “Next Blog” too, when I have time or am procrastinating. Besides the occassional porn that pops up, I've also run into Neo-Nazi site that was completely frightening, mostly because I saw no wink-wink-nudge-nudge-I'm-trolling indicators. I really do think the guy reveres the pissed-off vegetarian painter. And has some hate issues. Scary.

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