2 thoughts on “Another New Play

  1. Lets see it this will let me leave you a comment, despite me not having a page. Anyways, it's your old bay area pal Justin “madcow” Watt (Trinity). I see you have moved far far away. Even more than myself (in hollywood these days). Anyways, just bored in my cube here at a major motion picture studio. Decided to stalk some folks, and found ya. Congrats on the kid, the move and the entertaining blog. Hit me up on e-mail (tenaciousdmb@yahoo.com) or http://www.myspace.com/makeadeathwishfoundation

  2. Dude, totally stoked (90s lingo) to hear from you. Was just thinking about you the other day, too! Synchronicity, man. Not at all surprised to hear you're living the big life in Hollywood. I'm away from e-mail until after the new year but you can bet I'll shoot you a message once I'm back at my home domain! Whoot!

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