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Well, haven't really posted since before we left for sunny California, which was almost two months ago — sorry. We returned to New England smited by sinus infections, including the baby, who had not one but TWO. Crazy madness. Then we got well and I picked up four jobs, including two teaching positions at a local college. I'm in the third week of those and they're going well — it's nice to return to my educational roots. When I'm not working on that, I'm doing Rhythmball stuff or work for a couple new clients. Or caring for baby, or cooking dinner. What, me overextended? Naah. And then in my “free time” when I should be writing a new play or further crafting my musical, I'm reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, which is freaking hilarious, even the endnotes. Especially the endnotes. And I've decided that this year I will read three books: Infinite Jest, Gravity's Rainbow, and the capper of all cappers, Finnegan's Wake. I figure the first two will be a good build-up to the third. We shall see. Now I need to send Valentines. More soon!

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