I'm in lust

One of the nice things about working five jobs is it affords me the luxury of giving in to my baser desires. And oh, baby, am I about to succumb. They say “once you go black you never go back,” and it's true. Ebony body, tight, compact, sharp, and auto-focus… I write, of course, of the NIkon D80, one step down from the professional-grade D200 and hundreds of dollars less expensive.

I've been a Nikon gal from my SJSU photojournalism days. Even when people fled Nikon en masse for Canon I doggedly stuck to my N2000 and then my N8000. Bought a 300/2.8 lens from Terry Schmitt, my UPI boss who also let me tote his F3hm with a motor drive for a year — truly, a prince among men — and used that awesome lens to shoot some football pictures that I'm pretty sure got me one of my current jobs as a digital photojournalism instructor at a local college.

Three frames per second. Ten-point-two megapixels. Power-up time of .18 second. ISO from 100 to 3200. Up to 2,700 images on one battery charge. Ohhhhhh. And, a 1.5 focal conversion rate that'll turn my 300/2.8 into a whopping 450/28.


Excuse me.

3 thoughts on “I'm in lust

  1. The D80 rocks! It is a good choice. It offers most of the fuctionality of the bigger Nikons in a small package. I love shooting digital, but I love shooting film too. I still do.

  2. Steve, do you know that my non-digital 300/2.8 won't work with the D40? So I'm all about the D80 now. $1099 w/ lens at Ritz. Speedlights are starting at $129 or something ridiculous like that.
    P.S. my comment verification letters for this comment are “enmdt,” which is how I'm feeling about anyone not giving non-administrators raises within the CSU system.

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