Monstro was gone and incommunicado for four days (no, not at rehab, you jokesters), hence my lapse into mental illness this weekend, but he is home safely now, and the illness is subsiding if not gone. And the last thing I want to do today is go to work, and if the creek behind our house keeps rising the way it has been, I won't have to.

An Essload of Stuff Going On…

…which I can't even blog about, because (of all things) it might impinge upon my own personal safety, but if y'all could think good thoughts that the weather isn't too effing heinous Sunday night and Monday morning, I would really appreciate it, and if those of you who have my phone number could call me tonight or tomorrow I would really appreciate that, too, because I am feeling upset and apprehensive and those of you who know me, know that's when I'm at my funniest. Really. I had Kris in stitches tonight on the phone. And no, it wasn't the vodka talking.

I will be happy to coredump on Monday, when it is to be prayed that all is well.


We all scream

I have finally found an ice cream that can knock Cold Stone Creamery's banana ice cream off of the pinnacle of the ice cream mountain.

(mmmmm…. ice cream mountain)

I am pleased to report that Ben & Jerry's “Creme Brulee” flavor is the best. ice cream. ever.

Talk amongst yourselves whilst I grab another spoon.

Today's dilemma

OK, so if I get the Nikon D80 with the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens and the strobe and the purchase protection plan I'm going to be out around $1800 bucks. I've saved close to a grand and have major checks arriving next week from my final month of The Most Lucrative Freelance Assignment Ever. But do I really want to spend $1800 when I have a film camera that works perfectly well?

This is my dilemma. Hubby bought a new Nikon digital point and shoot (it's so cute!) last week so there IS a new camera in the house, and it cost about 10% of what I'm looking to spend on the NIkon D80, and it's quite fun.

In the meanwhile, I'm itching for an electric guitar, which would also be an investment to improve my daily Music Time with baby — and considering I already have an amp and microphone and mik stand, wouldn't cost me as much on the back end.

OR, do I channel BeckyJSacto and blow it all on shoes?

Appropriate for April Fool's Day?

Now, used to be I was never without a trick for April Fool's, but alas, I am becoming stodgy in my old age. Nevertheless, now that I've finished reading Infinite Jest, today is the day I move on to my second book of the year: Gravity's Rainbow. And if that isn't the best way to spend April Fool's Day, I don't know what is.

Happy Palm Sunday, everyone!