the Wake

I've deduced that if I read five and one quarter pages of Finnegans Wake every night I can get through it in four months. Who's with me?

Also, thinking ahead to next year: which should I pick, the Russians or Proust?

I read Dr. Zhivago a decade ago and didn't understand the ending, but there's a lot of good, and Anna K. could be especially interesting. Then again, Proust is so… Proustian, and maybe I could pick up a little more French along the way.

I want Finnegans Wake in hardcover — if you search the wish lists for Motormouth, you'll find me. I figure I've kept my online journalings ad-free for thirteen years, the least you could do is buy me a book, dontcha think?

One thought on “the Wake

  1. Sorry, I'd rather endure Chinese water torture while listening to Fran Drescher read The Waste Land in Pig Latin than read The Wake

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