Here's a reason to buy the season three Veronica Mars DVDs: It's got the season-four pitch wherein Tiny Blonde One ain't just FBI but packing heat, too.

I don't have any of the VMs on DVD and haven't decided whether I want them for my birthday or Christmas. Anyone out there got first/second season DVDs? Any special extras included?

I'd like to see that season-four pitch, though. This reviewer, Jennifer Godwin of E!, wrote, “As an FBI agent, Veronica fully becomes the badass we always knew her to be.”

After fully intending to boycott the CW (the WB/UPN merger), I find myself fully drawn to Reaper and haven't missed an episode. Looove Ray Wise as Mephistopheles. That man wears the hell out of a suit. We also enjoyed Angels in America when we saw it last week, and I'm hoping to catch last night's ep (we opted for Chuck and DVRd HIMYM (my choice) and Sara Gilbert on The Big Bang Theory) on the CW's Web site, but it's not up yet.

In other Motormouth Media news, I'll send Bible Study to the copy shop today and even if it's just me and Toby at Lab tomorrow, we'll get the three pages cut that need to be cut, and if we decide it doesn't suck I'll send it to The Humana Contest.

And, yesterday I ran for the first time in *forever*, and put in 3/4 of a mile while pushing The Boy in our Super Jogger, while he fueled up by eating an apple down to the nub.

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