“good times”

Ever since reading the Jimmy Kimmel profile in this month's Playboy, “good times” keeps creeping into my writing. Weird. And I wonder if Kimmel got it from Adam Corolla, or whether Corolla got it from Jimmy. Anyone care to field a guess?

2 thoughts on ““good times”

  1. I'm definitely missing something here… It's usually the *guy* who says, “Honey, I read it for the *articles*.” Or do you subscribe so you can read the articles & Monstro can ogle the pics?!

  2. I've subscribed off-and-on for, I don't know, 15 years? I love the Interview, the fiction (mostly — King's last couple of forays have been dull, as have Joyce Carol Oates', who just seems to write the same story over and over again), and the party jokes. Monstro does not ogle — with me around, he doesn't have to. I'm thrice the woman those 20-somethings are, both literally and, uh, figure-atively. 🙂

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