Desert Bus for Hope

OK, so this comedy troupe is raising money for Child's Play, an organization that donates games and gaming equipment to children's hospitals nationwide, by a marathon they're calling “The First Annual Desert Bus for Hope.” Desert Bus is a game “so tedious it never received an official release.” The goal of the game is to drive a bus from Arizona to Las Vegas in real time at 45 miles per hour. It takes 8 hours to get to Vegas, during which the scenery never changes, and upon arrival in Vegas you are awarded one point and given three seconds to determine whether you want to drive back to Arizona.

Oh, and the bus veers slightly to the right, so you can't just tape down a button and go about your day. And if you run off the road, you're towed back to Tucson IN REAL TIME.

So far, these guys have raised more than a thousand bucks, which right now parlays into 67 hours of mind-numbing tedium. Which they should be used to, seeing as they live in Canada. I kid, I kid!

In all seriousness, Child's Play is a great charity, and (God Forbid) if Monstro goes before his time, this is the organization we'll ask donations to be sent to. So let's not wait for that. Check this out and make a donation. Let's keep the Bus on the road!

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