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Have you seen the new Web site Card Hub? I checked it out last week and it's really neat. You can input your top requirements for a new credit card (low balance-transfer APR, introductory rates, rewards, etc) and it will give you a list of cards that you can compare between each other. Then, when you're ready to apply, you just click “Apply Now” and it sends you to that card's secure server.

I found a Discover Card with a 0% purchase APR until December and 5% cash back on gas, restaurant, travel, and other spending. Very cool!

It also has a Education Center that is about the most brilliant-yet-understandable clearinghouse of credit information that I've found on the Web. Like, did you know that if you carry debts with different APRs on the same credit card, the credit-card company uses your payments to pay off the lowest APR debt-loads first? Tricky b@stards.

Anyway, Motormouth says, “Check it out and tell your friends.” The only thing you have to lose is your high interest rates!!! 🙂

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  1. That's me, the good advice lady. Make sure, once your card arrives, that the fine print confirms your 0% APR for 15 months. Sometimes the credit-card companies change it after seeing someone's credit score.

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