ukulele troubadour

And if those are two of the hardest words to spell, juxtaposed together, I don't know what are.

Tomorrow our church is holding a tag sale. I will be giving a ukulele concert outside the doors, so that people can throw whatever money they have left after the sale into my ukulele case. So far, playing outside of church meetings a few minutes before they commence, I've made five bucks.

I have many fabulous songs in my arsenal. Y'all come on down for some fine-pickin' ukulele jams! It will also be a not-to-be-forgotten opportunity to hear Motormouth sing, which I do very well but not often.

4 thoughts on “ukulele troubadour

  1. This is an actual conversation from my early marriage:
    John: I know your mom sings, but does she play an instrument?
    Me: Yeah, she plays the ukulele.
    John: She *does* *not*.
    Me: No, she does. Seriously.
    John: Yeah, right. What kind of ukulele?
    Me: The baritone ukulele.
    John: There's no such thing!
    Me: There is. My mom plays the baritone ukulele.
    He didn't believe me. I had to get my mom to confirm.

  2. Fun! This is almost worth flying to Mass. just to see this. You, of all people, can pull of something like this with aplomb. I'd love to see the performance.

  3. comtesse — I don't know what kind of uke I have. It's tuned in C and is bright orange with my name on it (thanks Kyle).
    PH — Mr. Pynchon did not stop by, but maybe he knows that Animal Crackers is not in my songbook. Yet.
    Becky — It was fun. Not as fun as parading through your old house with tiki torches, but fun, nonetheless. 🙂

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