So Grant Miller makes a weekly feature out of how people get referred to his site, and I don't have anything else to post about, so I figured I'd check my own referrer stats.

This month alone, 13 people have found me by searching “hated breastfeeding,” three people clicked over from Myspace where someone ripped off the picture of Lex and his buddies around the piano he got for his first birthday (since removed per my request to Baberaham Lincoln — thanks, Babe), and singles came over from Googling “Harvey Birenbaum death,” “snakes on a plane coincidence” (for which I am #1 on Google), “project runway model tits” (for which I am also #1 on Google), and “filthiest movie ever.” (“Pink Flamingos,” in case you wondered.)

But my faaaavorite one out of all of them is the person who clicked over after finding a link to Motormouth on, of all places, the Transportation Security Administration's blog. Yes, someone linked to me from Can you stand it? Go here and search for “throwing away water.”

God bless you, Anonymous!

Oh, hey, here's another search for Harvey, and another three who hate breastfeeding, and someone else who found me by googling “TSA toddler food” in Canada.

…and another five who hate breastfeeding. God, I hope that goes better this time.

4 thoughts on “innnnnteresting

  1. Breast-feeding *is* easier the second time. But I still don't love it. It's really all about not having to wash bottles.
    BTW–talk to me about contractions while breast-feeding during the first couple days post-partum. You need to be prepared.

  2. Never ever name your blog using the words “naked pictures” no matter how funny your boyfriend thought it would be. Oy, the searches you'd get…

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