good thing we got summer financial aid

… because we're going to be paying a LOT of babysitters so Monstro and I can go to the movies this summer:

The Dark Knight

Hellboy II

X-Files (!!!!!)

Lest you think I fritter away cash on silly entertainments, I think the last movie I saw in the theater was the last “Harry Potter.”

2 thoughts on “good thing we got summer financial aid

  1. I'll SMS you from WALL-E and Wanted. We gotta find movie money in the couch cushions before next weekend!!

  2. Seriously. We have gone to see “Caspian” (which would be a whole other post of lament), Indiana Jones (loved it), Get Smart (LOVED IT), and Wanted (interesting and thought provoking, although not rapturous. Nice eye candy, of course). We are both completely psyched to see Dark Knight. I want to see X-Files, although we may wait and Netflix it.
    Hellboy II…hmmm. Never saw the first one, although I've recently become a huge Ron Perlman fan thanks to my other half, who happened to bring home the first season of “Beauty and the Beast” from the library. Fabulous! And who knew Perlman is the oldest guy to ever be cast as a superhero?

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