everyone's posting but I!

So I checked my BlogLines feed today and in 24 hours, I had 14 posts to read! Sheesh, people!

I've been insanely busy this week with client work, mommy work, and, oh yeah, my mom moved here on Tuesday. So yeah, sorry, not many posts until I can catch my breath! Which, seeing as I'm in my third trimester, probably won't be for another five months. 🙂 Breathing, that is. I'll certainly post before that.

ukulele concert-o

It was kind of a bust. Not a lot of folks came to the tag sale, and none of my “friends” came to hear me play, except of course for Monstro and Lex, my devoted fans, twice as many as “Flight of the Conchords” has got. I received many satisfying “Yay, Mommy”s from Lex, particularly after my rousing renditions of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”

Another little kid couldn't keep his eyes off of me — turns out that the two songs I sang while he was around are special songs *his* mom sings to him. He gave me a dollar.

Another guy, a grown-up this time, walked past while I was playing the IZ version of “Over the Rainbow.”

“Nice groove,” he said. He bought a hose at the sale but didn't flip any cash my way.

All in all, I think I'm better off busking outside of the church 15 minutes before meetings are scheduled to start. More lucrative.

Oh, and Fringes, “Creep” doesn't really work — it's totally out of my vocal range. But “Walkin' after Midnight” sounds pretty d*mn good, if I do say so myself.

ukulele troubadour

And if those are two of the hardest words to spell, juxtaposed together, I don't know what are.

Tomorrow our church is holding a tag sale. I will be giving a ukulele concert outside the doors, so that people can throw whatever money they have left after the sale into my ukulele case. So far, playing outside of church meetings a few minutes before they commence, I've made five bucks.

I have many fabulous songs in my arsenal. Y'all come on down for some fine-pickin' ukulele jams! It will also be a not-to-be-forgotten opportunity to hear Motormouth sing, which I do very well but not often.

public service announcement

Have you seen the new Web site Card Hub? I checked it out last week and it's really neat. You can input your top requirements for a new credit card (low balance-transfer APR, introductory rates, rewards, etc) and it will give you a list of cards that you can compare between each other. Then, when you're ready to apply, you just click “Apply Now” and it sends you to that card's secure server.

I found a Discover Card with a 0% purchase APR until December and 5% cash back on gas, restaurant, travel, and other spending. Very cool!

It also has a Education Center that is about the most brilliant-yet-understandable clearinghouse of credit information that I've found on the Web. Like, did you know that if you carry debts with different APRs on the same credit card, the credit-card company uses your payments to pay off the lowest APR debt-loads first? Tricky b@stards.

Anyway, Motormouth says, “Check it out and tell your friends.” The only thing you have to lose is your high interest rates!!! 🙂