Nate Berkus

Nate Burkus — Oprah's favorite interior designer — is coming to San Francisco. The SF Chron helps explain his design aesthetic:

“Behind those cupboard doors – 'where I imagine most people keep things like pancake mix,' he said – Berkus stashes decorative bowls, vases and other accessories. In his always-evolving Chicago apartment, they are the finishing touches that he swaps in and out as inspiration strikes.”

This kills me (and I'm making sure the horse I've been beating all week comes along for the ride).

All I'm saying is, spend your money how you want. *Especially* if you're rich because, well, then, you can afford to. My only point is, does the money go farther, does your investment GROW more if you buy:

A) some vases and bowls to swap “in and out as inspiration strikes,” or
B) a year's worth of hot school breakfasts for some hungry kid you don't know.

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