Election Day dining

I called some friends on Election Night. Marian was drinking red wine and eating nachos. Kris spiked a chocolate SlimFast shake with Kahlua and chased it with a low-fat ice-cream bar.

And me? I awoke the morning of Election Day with an overwhelming desire to go out into the backyard and eat me some dirt.

Apparently, I'm flirting with pica. It happens sometimes to nursing women and denotes an iron deficiency.

Two mornings in a row I awoke with the thought that I could go out and eat dirt. Or maybe chalk. Yummy.

After I voted, I bought a Rice-Krispie treat, and as I was eating it I swear I thought to myself, “well, this is almost the consistency of dirt.”

Yes, it's weird. Yes, I'm back on my prenatal vitamins. Even better, Theo only nursed one time last night, which meant five hours of uninterrupted sleep for Mommy.

Even better than that, I did not awaken with the desire to chow down on some loamy topsoil.

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