It's been a Saturn return kind of week. Yeah, I'm not kidding; it started balls-out at 11:00 Monday morning and didn't ever stop. Lex's ear infection(s) and baby's stuffy nose and, uh huh, teething. The thing is, though, the kids were the least of it. And this week we have a three-year-old's birthday party, which will be featuring salt dough, food coloring, and, uh huh, acrylic paint, because that's fun, and Saturday night is the night before my birthday, and dammit we're going to have a party if it kills us because I've earned it. And then Sunday I'm the lay reader (puns about my first trip to Chico can be left to your own devices, thanks) at church, plus we're providing the flowers *and* the coffee-hour goodies. And I'm pretty sure I'm leading the Bible study that evening. I'll probably have the chance to make up a quick ukulele song about Fibonacci, too. And then it's Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas, neither of which have I begun to shop for. Yee.

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