post-Thanksgiving ruminations

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone. This one was a little more exciting than most because 1) my mom was here with us and 2) I got my boss an interview with the New York Times, and it ran on Thanksgiving day. See for yourself here. So that was pretty stellar.

My birthday was good, too. We had the sitter until 11:30 but came home at 10 because neither of us was feeling that great. Someone in this house has been sick for the past 8 weeks. We just keep passing it around between us, with Lex bringing home new strains of illness from his thrice-weekly preschool. Swell. But, my darling Monstro gave me a birthday gift that surpasses all gifts I've received pretty much ever. Now I just need to read the manual. 🙂

Went out of town Saturday night and visited the capitol city of Concord, NH. Had a great time. People there are very friendly, and strangers started up conversations with us. Quite a difference from the chilly Happy Valley of MA.

Oh, and Postsecret jumped the shark two weeks ago with that larvae breast postcard, not only the stupidest entry I've ever seen but also creepy to the point that it affected my breastfeeding of the baby. Sickening. Boo, postsecret.

Other than that, work is busy and the baby is thriving and Lex is hilarious and Monstro got two big to-dos off his plate yesterday, so here's hoping December lacks the drama so inherent in November. Crossing fingers.

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