I'm here!

I'm crossing things off my list right and left. It's remarkably admirable.

Today, I was gone all day but it saved me from spending a week on it in February, so yay.

Early next week, Mom will be in her splendid new place. I was telling Anne about it and she said, “*I* want to move there,” and she wasn't kidding. All we have to do now is move her and she's golden. Mom, not Anne. Who's got a pick-up truck?

Last Sunday, Team Monstro/Motormouth and offspring portrayed the Holy Family and the angel of the Lord in our church's Christmas pageant, and I'll tell you something: Once you've done that, you've done Christmas, so I'm not really stressing about gifts this year.

And all the client work will get done (yes I say yes I will Yes) and then I shall be on vacation, wearing a black hat with large round ears.

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