Blog archive prettified

So you know I've been blogging (as such) since 1995, and you probably know that I have my blog archives up at my domain space, and if you know that, you also know that most of the pages looked like hell. So I spent a bunch of valuable kids-are-napping time today making them at least readable, to ease the eyes of the Guinness folks. See for yourself here: Everything's up except for 2003, which at this moment I can't find, but will hunt down asap.


OK, I just checked the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for I think I don't have a 2003 archive compiled yet because there are 27 articles I need to compile and archive! Ugh!

Oh, and that archive only goes back to 1998 because that was when I had to change domain names from what I had (due to “trademark infringement.” Whatever) to

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