From Square-root day to March Fourth

Just too much awesomeness smacked side-by-side on my calendar! March fourth is my second favorite date, the only one that is also a command. Everyone knows that Monstro's favorite date is May fourth, as in, “May the fourth be with you.” Yeah, that never gets old. But the bestest day on the calendar is Fibonacci day. Got to teach my students about Fibonacci last week and used a snipped from the movie “Pi: Faith in Chaos” to illustrate. Damn, that's a good movie.

Ramble on and March Fourth, people!

what are the odds???

What are the, I ask you, what are the odds that JAKE SHIMABUKURO, ukulele guru, whose work I've admired for four years, would be coming to my town for a concert the night of my five year wedding anniversary???

I told Monstro he could pick the dinner as I've picked the entertainment. So he did.

Blog archive prettified

So you know I've been blogging (as such) since 1995, and you probably know that I have my blog archives up at my domain space, and if you know that, you also know that most of the pages looked like hell. So I spent a bunch of valuable kids-are-napping time today making them at least readable, to ease the eyes of the Guinness folks. See for yourself here: Everything's up except for 2003, which at this moment I can't find, but will hunt down asap.


OK, I just checked the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for I think I don't have a 2003 archive compiled yet because there are 27 articles I need to compile and archive! Ugh!

Oh, and that archive only goes back to 1998 because that was when I had to change domain names from what I had (due to “trademark infringement.” Whatever) to