Back from bliss, redux

After nearly two blissful, awesome, remarkable weeks in California, we got back into Boston last night at 8:00 and it was 88 degrees outside. Had a total know-it-all sitting in front of me: “If you held him, he might stop crying.” “Miss, it's inappropriate to do that here, you have to go to the head.” Would have been a lot more inappropriate to walk to the back of the plane with bright-orange baby feces running down my arm. Anyway, except for him, the trip home was uneventful, and we were able to wrangle the kids and the baggage with little difficulty, thanks mostly to the kindness of strangers and the mental and physical endurance of Team Monstro-Motormouth. I have 540+ photos to download so I better get to it.

One thought on “Back from bliss, redux

  1. welcome back! (i would say welcome home, but it seems it hasn't felt that way to you lately.) we are glad you are back!
    looking forward to celebrating babykins' first! i will never forget his, well, zero? can you please share details again?
    xo nighty nite & enjoy your photos… MK

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