training log 9/22, wherein Motormouth foils physics

A great run today. I'm walking on concrete but running on asphalt. Was out for 1.25 hours, and for the first time since this all began, today when I started getting tired, instead of slowing down, I sped up. Fantastic. I feel strong and alive! Also, I figured out how to get the farmshare produce home on the jogging stroller without displacing BK. Take that, physics!

2 thoughts on “training log 9/22, wherein Motormouth foils physics

  1. Not since I started wearing two bras: a jogbra over a regular bra. I actually like the nursing bras for underneath because you can fit those a little more custom, for mild compression.
    Or is that TMI?
    Frankly, I was thinking of getting a boob job but instead I want LASIK, however, the practice my eye dr referred me to is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which is a little daunting, even if it is a mere five-and-a-half hour drive there from Autumnal Leaf Mildew Land, MA.

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