running partner found?

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that I recently advertised for a running partner. Looks like one has emerged! Of course, before I take even a step with him, he'll be properly introduced to Monstro.

(When I typed my original Craigslist ad, he'd said, “put 'MARRIED' in the subject line.”

“I'm not going to mention it at all, for fear of attracting even *more* freaks,” I said.)

While speaking of portals on the Internet that bring us together and teach us about each other, what is it, in particular, about Facebook that makes people so effing *stupid*? I mean, no judgment at all. I'm not kidding. MySpace might be the stupidest social networking outlet, but FB is not bringing out the best in its “friends.” And, while I'm off on a Facebook rant, I got up to 200 and then someone de-friended me so now I'm back at 199. Scheisse.

2 thoughts on “running partner found?

  1. good luck on the running partner, and, true about facebook. But really, I have only 20 or so friends on facebook so you are seeing wayyyy more stupidity than me. BTW glad you had a great anniversary away from the kids! Love Katherine

  2. Katherine: Funny that he turned out to be from the North Bay. And, after being so concerned last night that he'd take off faster than me and I'd be left embarrassed, I could have smoked him. Instead, we had an hour's walk in the early Spring sunshine and viola! No men toting lead pipes.

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