sick baby

Not sure how BK managed to catch Ehren's cold, seeing as they live half a nation away from each other and, oh yeah, have never met, but that did not stand in the way of germ transference. I was up from 9:30-11:30 trying to calm a sick BK. I fed him grapefruit, changed him, put him down in the playpen in the office (so as not to bother his four-year-old nursery roommate), left, couldn't stand the sound of him crying so I sat with him in the family room, that didn't work, sat with him in the office, which would have worked except right when I was dozing off I felt him stroke my arm and that sent him into gales of laughter. Tried bringing him to bed with me but he'd doze off and then get excited by the fact he was dozing off in mommy and daddy's bed so he'd start singing/talking. We're pretty sure he's added “Peter Cottontail” to his repertoire. Finally, I just put him down in the damn playpen and he cried it out for five minutes, slept for 10, cried it out for three minutes, and finally slept… until 4:00, when I had to get up and re-insert his binky. Truly, I am the best mom on the planet, present company excepted.

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  1. No, that's pretty awesome, Ms Present Company. Sorry about breathing on you, but El has a stomach virus, not some wimpy cold. Haha. We were probably walking the floor at the same time one night, just with me having throw up in my hair.

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