up and down

Been a real up-and-down week. Ups included working super-hard on Judge Lemkau's campaign, getting both Web sites up in three days (that's one day ahead of schedule, too). Downs included being able to rely on my best friend I'm not married to for a ridiculous request across about 37 time zones and then having the request be bogus, watching an awful lot of cable-access TV live from Big Bear, CA, and missing my buddy Kyle, thinking of all the fun he could be having with this (not that death has stopped him — looks like the campaign is receiving a contribution from a carpenters' union, the head of which is named my maiden name). Another down was spending two hours in the dentist chair after not visiting the dentist in nearly two years, but the ups of that were 1) only one tiny cavity and 2) my Oral-B Vitality toothbrush with the extra-soft head seems to have improved my gum strength. Today the boys and Monstro and my Mom and I piled in what we're still calling the “new car” a year-and-a-half after purchase, got our belated farmshare box, and then had the best Mexican in the Phoebe Price bullying-case area.

And I'm pretty sure y'all have already seen that Lord Jesus Christ was hit by a car in a crosswalk in my town yesterday. He must have come in from out-of-town; in Northampton, only the tourists don't know not to jaywalk.

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