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I've been writing this journal for more than 15 years, now, and I get a decent amount of traffic. The lack of commenters I ascribe to a crappy comments system. But I really like the blogharbor platform (even though they keep hinting that they'd like to xfer me to their WordPress platform) — it has a soul that WordPress lacks. Also, I typically use wordpress for clients, and it's nice using Blogharbor as my personal domain.

I'd like to set up with a worthwhile design and then attach my blog to that, with all of the entries categorized and (ugh?) tagged. I've bought a few other domains through the years: I sold a number of years ago, nobody wanted the recession-proof-yourself-and-your-friends pitch of last year (could've helped us all, guys) so I retain “”, plus my full name, plus joblessmofo and, which I want to turn into lit sites for the chronically un- and/or under-employed. I registered one for Monstro, too; we'll see whether he gets it started, he's working on a fascinating “Planet of the Apes” paper now.

Ah, Monstro. Not to change the subject but he graduates from UMass-Amherst this Friday, which will make him Dr. Monstro in my writings, at least for the meanwhile. If you don't like that, well: comment.

Still missing Kyle, still working to retain the best candidate in the election between We-Call-Him George and Judge Robert Lemkau, Superior Court of San Bernardino County election. I expect that someone uneducated on the subject will sling crap at me about how I'm helping an out-of-state candidate, to which I say, “My darling friend Kyle McDowell lived in Redlands pretty much forever, at least until he died three weeks ago, and this was the final request he left for me on a voicemail, so I'm going to do it and do it well.”

Also, there is a $12 wedding dress hanging over my head. Actually, it's in a bin in Monstro's car. Really need to get on that thing.

One thought on “be like Xzibit and pimp my blog

  1. I reinstalled Lifestream when I changed to this newly current theme. I didn't like the CSS interpretation in the other theme, and you know I'm all about the feng shui. Anyway, I am now back to seeing in real time my favorite blogs' updates. I feel like I've missed so much trying to catch up in an RSS reader.
    I am again sorry about your friend Kyle, and you are serving his memory well. Congrats to Dr. Monstro. I am a firm believer that only medical doctors get to use their titles outside of academia because it's important to know which guy in Walmart can save me from the stroke I'm having because I'm inside Walmart. However, you and your newly minted PhD can tell me to suck it.
    I still can't do YouTube from work, so I'm missed Lex's fave. Give me a text summary or something in the post.

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