Dear Katie,

Let me start with my deepest condolences. My boys are about the ages that your boys were. I can't imagine the grief you must feel.

I know that grief functions as blinders, so let me say upfront that I’m concerned for you as far as the people who are surrounding you. Have you read Victorville Vultures in the Hosking Cult? Two others of the “Cult” have turned Judge Lemkau's name into Google AdWords revenue and I'll bet they've done the same to yours.

So: Don't sign anything without a lawyer. Don't cater to the ghouls.

There's more to say but this is my first letter to you so I'll keep it short. If you decide to write me back, please answer my #1 question: whether you were already scheduled for John and Ken's radio show at 4:00 that Friday afternoon. Knowing more than a little something about how San Bernardino County's media operates, I'll bet you were.

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