changes afoot

So many changes are afoot right now, I need to change my shoes for fear of overuse. That's why you haven't seen me much around these parts lately. Dr. Monstro and I have signed a lease on a house and will be moving one town north within the next few weeks. If everything goes according to plan, we'll have a new roommate joining us. More about that once it happens.

My tag sale got rained out so I'm having it this coming Saturday (rain date Sunday). Sure will be glad to get all the stuff off my back porch and out of my attic.

We have already started taking things to the new house and guess what: we can lift about one half-full tote worth of books per tote, which averages out to 1.25 bookshelves apiece. It'll probably take about 40 totes to get all the books moved. Again, we've already started moving that stuff.

I am most excited about having a real office again. No more working in the kitchen! It worked for Hunter S. Thompson, sure, but we all know how he ended up. I'm heading that off at the pass, dreaming of eating the blueberries from the blueberry bushes in my new backyard.

8 thoughts on “changes afoot

  1. Ha. I think it was more than working out of the kitchen that did in HST. Congrats on the move! Yay for more space!

  2. Poor HST. Johnny Depp has a particularly haunting story about him.
    So much more space: think bouncy castle, not Space Bag.

  3. That is so exciting 🙂 and I'm sure book lovers understand where you're coming from. My bedroom alone has about 12x my weight in books.
    hooray for new chapters in your life story

  4. Sooo, hows the new house, what's with the roommate, hows the new office, etc. etc. POST SOMETHING!!! Inquiring minds want to know! Love Katherine

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