Preschool Assembly

Lex goes to a preschool within an elementary school. Basically, we pay for it, but then the kids get to use all the resources the elementary school has to offer: music room, art room, library, etc. It's a sweet setup. Also, the teachers are amazing, and Lex LOVES school (good thing, he's there everyday).

Yesterday morning was an all-school assembly. It was hosted by the preschoolers, and they were going to sing a couple of songs, so Monstro, BK, and I piled in the car to attend. We sat in the back and watched as Lex's class filed into the auditorium/theater/cafeteria.

Lex sometimes has problems with staying in line; frequently, he takes cuts in front of the line leader so he can be first on the yellow swing. So I was a little concerned when I saw him in the middle of the line getting up to the stage, but then front-and-center ahead of everyone once they were all settled.

Once the music started, though, I realized that was probably arranged by design. Lex knew every word to every song, and every hand motion, and even did the cutest cha-cha-cha I've ever seen. He was also right in front of the standing mike so we heard every word loud and clear. Basically, there might as well have been no other children on the stage. He was captivating. The sixth-grade girls sitting on the floor in front of us were charmed by him.

“When the piano goes 'BOM BOM,' that's when you bow,” Lex had told me while brushing his teeth that morning. He had that down pat, too.

When their songs were over, I waved to him. He waved back, smiling. The sixth-grade girls thought he was waving to them, so 10 of them waved at him. It was like he was a teeny tiny rock star.

It's amazing how he's growing up into his own person. Today is his birthday. He's five. I took BK and my ukulele to his classroom and sang a bunch of kiddie favorites (plus my “show-off” song, You are the Sunshine of my Life). He sang every word to all of those, too. And BK joined in with “Happy Birthday to You.” Oh, how I love my boys.

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  1. what a great day! I know any kids of yours will be singers and dancers just for fun, whether they end up in Glee or not! Love Katherine

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