Gearing Up

The 24-Hour Theater Project is happening this Saturday. For those of you who don't follow my blog as obsessively as, say, I do, this is a marathon day where actors rehearse from 9 a.m. until showtime at 7:00 that same night. The playwrights write all night Friday. Hence, it's a 24-hour cycle of writing/rehearsing/staging/show. I'm trying to stay cool about it but damn, this is a big deal for me. First off, they asked me to act; I didn't have to audition. Secondly, it's the weekend before my birthday. Thirdly, it's a whole entire day and evening of doing nothing but making art. No kids, no caregiving, just delving into a brand-new play.

The six playwrights choose actors and number of characters at random on Friday night. It's a quick little party I intend to attend, even though it coincides with Lex's fifth birthday. That's OK, I'll make it work. It will be good to know who will be writing my play (I'm familiar with three of the playwrights and friends with two of them) and how many other actors will be in “my” show. 🙂

A friend will take my mom to the 7:00 show and then Monstro and a few other friends will be there for the 9:00 one. I have a babysitter all set for that evening and a friend from church will take Lex to our church's family fest that afternoon (which will help take some of the caregiving strain off of Monstro).

I had to submit a questionnaire for the playwrights; in it, I told them “on stage, I am fearless.” I really really hope they put me through my paces. Until then, I hope I stay healthy (Mom has a cold) and manage to get some sleep on Friday night!

new-ish FB pic

I usually only use my chattering-teeth icon for my Facebook profile, but this shot-within-the-past-4-months-on-Photo-Booth pic is pretty decent. It's also the one I submitted for Saturday's “24-Hour Theater Project,” wherein I shall be an ACT-tor.

yeah, whatever

I had pretty high hopes for today, what with being able to tell my mom that the Giants won the World Series, and then Lex spotted a cardinal outside our window (hi Grandma!), but then it just turned out to be another crappy day in New England. Better luck tomorrow; oh wait, what, we'll have full election results?