Lord knows

Lord knows I should be cleaning my house; we've all except Monstro been sick, Lex has croup. While I've managed to bang out a bunch of loads of laundry and also tackle the worst chore in the house (one I've been putting off since I discovered it but was completed by me this morning by 9:00), it's left me virtuous –but those dishes aren't going to clean themselves, you know. I have to clear at least one side of the sink so that I can run the dishwasher and then quick empty-and-reload-and-run again. I also need to parboil some split peas for tonight's hippie dinner of pea soup and Monstro's mushroom empanadas.

What I'd actually prefer to do is nap, but there hasn't been a whole lot of exercise this week, what with the gloppy snow and freezing rain, so puttering and cleaning can be rendered aerobic: who needs ankle weights when you're wearing snowboots? Nobody. And, this house is in desperate need of scrubbing up. Maybe I'll catch a quick Z or two later, outside w/ the boys, whilst pretending to make a snow angel.

3 thoughts on “Lord knows

  1. Wishing you a set of cleaning angels…it is awful how cleaning just keeps coming back around. I am considering tying rags to the cats tails so they can dust while they chase each other around. Maybe the boys could wear swiffer dust cloths on their feet? Love Katherine

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