good day yesterday

I spent most of it in the car, speaking of Michelangelo, but once I disembarked things were swell. Monstro and I gave books and cards to the boys and then showered each other with sparkling wine, chocolates, sushi, and a song. (No, not literally. Well, except for the song part.) Incidentally, he loved the song and its message, which is terribly filthy and NSFW. I think you should only get to write songs like that if you're over 35 and have been in a committed monogamous relationship for at least seven years. But enough about the Bill of Rights.

Monstro bought me a beautiful necklace and pendant and it fits just so in the hollow of my throat. He's out tonight so I'm going to go eat a chocolate I bought for him. It's OK, I just finished 60 minutes of vigorous Wii Fit free step.

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