general plea for help

As it stands right now, my mom is coming home from the rehab hospital tomorrow and will require 24-hour supervision. This, of course, has me freaking out. We will have visiting nurses coming in for PT/OT/Home health (showering assistance), but that will be about 5 hours/week. We will get some homecare nurses in but at $20/hour, we can't afford anywhere near full-time help (it'll probably be 4 hours/day in the mornings, maybe 4-5 days/week).

IF you are interested in improving your Karma and IF you would be willing to, I don't know, make us a dinner or go shopping for us or take one or both of the boys out for an outing or PRAY FOR US or even sit with my mom/kids for an hour so I can go outside for a run that will help to shrink my expanding stress level and ass size, please contact me via comments, via email, or via phone.

A debilitated mom, a five year old, and a two year old. Sweet Jesus, please help me. xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “general plea for help

  1. You and your love are welcome in my home at any time, and I [probably] wouldn't even put you to work. 🙂 Good luck w/ your move, unless it's already passed, in which case, I hope it went well.

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