yup, still here

Mom has been in her new rehab facility for nearly a week and it's SUCH an improvement over the rehab hospital. The staff is friendly and they've really bent over backward to make us all feel like part of the process. Mom is ready to be shut of all healthcare institutions, so that's hard, but she's where she needs to be right now. We'll be having a meeting in a week and a half to review her progress and see what our discharge goals are. In the meanwhile, I'm as tired as I've ever been and when I drop both boys back to their regularly scheduled, NON-vacation-week schools, I will likely cry me a river of relief. Mommy's tired, people.

One thought on “yup, still here

  1. how's it going now? Is your Mom home yet? How are you hanging in there? Hope all is well (FB is not enough!) Love Katherine

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